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12:58 16.10.2016 (upd. 01:30 20.10.2016 ) Victims 'Euro'

The ban on entry to the center of Moscow for trucks emission class below Euro-3 will take effect 1 September 2017. From that moment on environmentally unfriendly heavy-will be unable to enter the limits of the third transport koltsa.Zakryt center of Moscow for not harmless truck power still going in 2015, but suffered first limit of 1 September 2016, and then postponed the ban for another year. Now a similar ban applies to the vehicles below the second-class environmental, and in September of the following year for Euro 2 lorries will be installed complete ban on entry to Moscow within the Ring Road. The Russian embargo on the production and importation of cars with engines below Euro-3 was introduced January 1, 2008, but the prohibitions and restrictions on the operation of such trucks is still not bylo.Borba vozduhOfitsialnoy cause for banning government called concern about the environmental situation. And with such an argument, experts do not argue. As explained by the head of the project "FinExpertiza" Igor Shestakov on vehicles account for 90% of emissions in the capital, so the problem of emissions of old truck still remains aktualnoy.Ekologichesky ban not only will reduce the transit cargo transportation through Moscow, but also help the formation of a civilized market transport, since the market will leave smaller players with the old fleet, often working illegally, suggests CEO of the leasing company "TransFin-M" Dmitry Zotov. "It is possible the trend towards consolidation and consolidation of the market as a result of care carriers - natural persons", - said ekspert.Uhod private and small carriers due to the need of large investments in fleet renewal. You can try to convert the car and get the certificate of increase in environmental class, but such work will also require considerable costs, in addition, it is not always possible to implement them. In large carriers, on the other hand, problems with the upgrade of the park should not be, said the expert of the company FM Logistic Toporina Anastasia, as they have long switched to modern technology, which is more profitable operation. In addition, the expert says, freight forwarders operating in the sleeping quarters of Moscow, do try to comply with environmental regulations. "Many companies are already considering additional investment in light commercial vehicles with Euro-5", - said Toporina.Za outside Moscow the situation is different for the worse, and the ban could restrict the activities of non-resident carriers in Moscow. According to the agency "AUTOSTAT", over 80% of operating in Russia truck purchased before 2000, and at best, to meet the standard Euro-2. The agency calculated that Russian restrictions will affect nearly 500 thousand. gruzovikov.Pomimo old domestic cars ban will affect almost all trucks manufactured in Europe with both petrol engines manufactured before 2000, and diesel manufactured before 2001. Commercial Director "Avtospetstsentr" Group Sergey Vornovsky said that would fall under the ban popular in our country MAN trucks with engines D2066 and D2676, as well as all models of "ZIL" with engines D-260 and D-245. In Moscow itself there is not much of such trucks. According to "AvtoSpetsTsentr" the capital in operation less than 100 thousand. Such machines, which is about 3% of the Moscow avtoparka.Posledstviya based on rubliEksperty believe that the monopolization of the industry will lead to some increase in prices in the market. Thus, Dmitry Zotov believes that the reduction in volume suitable for operation in the capital, the park will lead to an increase in transportation costs and, consequently, to an increase in the cost of goods for consumers. This, suggests the expert, and the reason for this postponement of the ban. "The adoption of the ban is now compounded to the situation in the segment of retail trade, transport and related sectors, such as in the segment of commercial real estate", - said the department ekspert.Nachalnik logistics operations of DPD in Russia Dmitry Voevodin believes that the time to enter the ban was originally selected It failed because the authorities were going to do it in the midst of crisis. "The protracted crisis is forcing providers to postpone the decision on the replacement of the park indefinitely. Falling profitability and increase the expenditure part of the maintenance of vehicles age further push the update date ", - said the expert. A more reasonable Dmitry Voevodin said the phasing out of the Pass for vehicles with lower environmental class Euro-3 or higher taxes on such mashiny.Perehod more environmentally friendly vehicles could pass more smoothly with direct support from the state. "In Europe, it was designed and balanced stages of transition from one class to another environmental, and all backed up by incentives and support from the state for the constant renewal of the cargo fleet. It was a thought-out strategy, rather than the result of any one decision, "- said the representative of FM Logistic.Ekologicheskie restrictions have long been used in the European practice, but most often they relate to the production and sales of cars. Similar restrictions on the movement of certain environmental class cars - rather the exception. For example, in Paris, banned from entering the city on the trucks below the standard Euro-3 and this summer with a complete ban on movement around the city in the daytime any cars older than 1997. In Germany, in some areas there is a ban on lorries on holidays and weekends. In addition, there are similar prohibitions in other EU countries where the travel wagons is prohibited at certain times of the day and time restrictions goda.Analogichnye Moscow authorities may introduce in the future for personal transportation. "The city is now taking targeted measures to reduce the number of cars in the center and the reorientation of the population on public transport. In the future, we can expect and environmental restrictions, "- said Dmitry Zotov. However, the number of passenger cars not harmless, unlike trucks in the capital is extremely neveliko.Pravila igryOb Restrictions on the entry road signs inform drivers, and the observance of the regime will follow the camera. Monitoring functions lay in the metropolitan center of traffic management, which will automatically check compliance with environmental class cars and prescribe a penalty, as is already happening with the trucks, are prohibited from entering the city center. Verification can easily produce and traffic police officers, said Dmitry Zotov: "Old vehicles easy to visually distinguish from the stream, and TCP check will give precise information on the engine class" In addition, owners not harmless machines just will not give a pass to travel into the metropolitan rings. "When preparing a package of documents to obtain annual permits must be control by the Ministry of Transport of the mark in a TCP class ecological car," - says the director of procurement of transportation services FM Logistic Maxim barrel. The size of the penalty for violators will be 5 thousands rubles.

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