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07:44 19.10.2016 (upd. 01:07 20.10.2016 ) Products in the Russian province were more expensive than in Moscow

Spending on products Muscovites were far from the largest in Russia. Such conclusions were made by experts of the Center for Economic and political reforms, reports RBC.


These findings proved to be applicable to other types of goods, in particular, pharmaceuticals. That is, life in the province was more expensive than in a wealthy capital.


Researchers monitored the prices of goods in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and another seventeen towns with a population of 357 to 31 thousand people. The experts focused on the products of the lowest price category.


It turned out that the most expensive and costs a minimum monthly food basket costs the inhabitants of Chukotka - for one person, it is 4660 rubles. They are followed by regional centers in the Primorsky region and Karelia (2070 and 1680 rubles), Vladivostok (1585 rubles) and village in the Rostov region (1476 rubles) In this list, Moscow took only the sixth place with 1393 rubles.


Moscow will allocate more than $ 7 billion to prepare for the 2018 World Cup and the Confederations Cup 2017


It turns out that to save on food products to residents of megacities allows presence of a large number of retailers and are often carried out marketing campaigns with large discounts. While the inhabitants of villages and small towns in this choice is limited. In addition, the sellers profitable to bring in the "heartland" more expensive products because they buy will still be, and with them higher profits.


At the same time the official Rosstat data show the opposite pattern. According to his research, published in August, the cheapest set of goods and services was in the Kemerovo region, the Russian newspaper. The consumption bundle Rosstat has included 30 kinds of food: bread, meat and vegetables - to chewing gum and sweets, as well as 41 species of non-food products and 12 types of services. The national average price of this set amounted to 13 thousand 863 rubles. In the Kuzbass, its value was at the level of 11 thousand 733 rubles. This is 15 percent less than the national average.


In Moscow, as found Rosstat, life is more expensive national average by nearly 45 per cent - the value set in the capital amounted to 99 20 thousand rubles.


Economic experts believe that the information supplied by Rosstat, is not devoid of "political component". In the capital the average wage level in two and a half times higher than nationwide. Official statistics, which says that the prices in the regions far exceed Moscow, can provoke social protests in the province.

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