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22:45 16.10.2016 (upd. 23:54 19.10.2016 ) The forum "Russia Calling" in Moscow brought together participants from 60 countries

At the annual forum "Russia Calling" is traditionally visited by many foreign investors, corporate executives, including medium-sized businesses. This week, Russian delegation visited the Italian regional deputies. They are definitely in favor of the lifting of sanctions. For the restoration of the full-scale cooperation between Russia and Europe.


With regard to the forum, it was attended by participants from 60 countries. They, of course, also against sanctions. Some of them are already working with Russia. Others make plans and want to invest in the Russian economy. Despite the sanctions, despite the fact that the ratings of Russia, our so-called partners kept unreasonably low, despite the political pressure on the Americans to European business. The forum addressed President Putin and answered numerous questions.


Instead of anxiety and stress for cautious optimism. So it is possible to characterize the mood that prevails at this forum from the previous. Many participants remembered how last year President Putin promised on this site that the downturn in the economy, no doubt, will be overcome. And no one knows that more important for investors - is that the forecast begins to come true, or make sure that the Russian leadership the words in the wind drops.


"Of course, President Putin's report is very important for me in this time. Because in his report was the message of foreign entrepreneurs and investors about the future of Russia, and I'll believe him 100% ", - says representative of the company Yamata Yatirim (Turkey) Mehmet Oktey Dirik.


Direct subordination was introduced in 17 regions of Russia the chief architect of the governor


"We are already seeing that investors are returning, comparing the atmosphere two years ago, when the sanctions were only imposed, we have seen some outflow of investors and funds, but in the last year the money began to come back to Russia, so investors here again" - said partner, CEO of Phalanx Capital investment company (USA), John Dzhonovski.


Information from those who hold the levers of the Russian economy. The Ministers of the economic block and the head of the Central Bank praised: inflation has been reduced by more than two times, reduce capital flight and stabilize the ruble. But Elvira Nabiullina directly signaled to sound the fanfare is clearly too early.


"We are not so naive to think that with a reduction in inflation, we get the growth of investment and economic growth. This requires structural measures. However, low inflation - a necessary condition for economic growth ", - said the head of the Central Bank.


Naturally, businessmen from 60 countries waiting for candid assessments, and from the mouth of the president.


Assessment of the state economy, which is adapted to the conditions of sanctions. Revived the industry and agriculture, capital gradually takes place again in the direction of Russia. But, admittedly, the harm from artificial restrictions, of course.


"We often repeat the mantra that the sanctions we are not very much and influence. Affect. And, above all, the threat I see in the technology transfer constraint. This, incidentally, is detrimental not only to the Russian economy and the world economy as a whole ", - said Vladimir Putin.


"Completely isolate the Russian economy could not be of the world. Who were voices of the binding potential of the sanctions already in Syria. In your opinion, how much it is worth? "- Asked the representative of" Blekfrayz "Foundation (UK) Anastasia Levasheva.


"As for insulation, so their service life, and gasoline is not enough to go round all our borders. What isolation can be a country like Russia. It's just impossible. If we give in to this blackmail, we will eventually lose in the economic sphere, because turn into some kind of an economic appendage of someone else. That Russia can not allow ", - said Putin.


Chairman of the Board "Raiffeisen Bank" considers sanctions an anachronism. The bank in our market for 20 years and is not going away. Russia, according to Karl Selvedy, an integral part of Europe, culturally, politically and especially economically. And the big question is, where the economy is freer.


"Talking about finances, I am confident that Russia - this is one of the most liberal countries in the world. In the EU, the government intervenes in the economy stronger. In Russia, fortunately, this does not happen, largely due to the Central Bank's policy. But we need political stability, to increase investment, "- said Chairman of the Board" Raiffeisen Bank "Carl Selveda.


This phrase - to increase investment - in the forum this year, sounded even quite often. Sense opens up the possibility to earn, perhaps the most important quality of a successful investor.


"Now enter this market - so enter at a lower cost, and then watch the external growth of investment interest already inside. In Western Europe, growth is not observed. For example, in Italy, I'm sure there will be more growth in years 10. It is not all perfect, but the rise will still be 10-20 years old, exactly ", - said the president of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (Italy) Paolo Rotella.


Investors as anyone knows how quickly and strongly the policy could harm the economy and business. Therefore, a former congressman from the US Democratic Party, Rick Boucher interested in Putin's opinion about the future of relations between Russia and the United States. That is the state in which they are now greatly complicates the life of businessmen.


"With the current administration it is very difficult to engage in dialogue. You - a former Congressman, I do not know whether it was always, but almost no dialogue. He looks like? Administration formulates what she needs, and then insisted that it was fulfilled. But this is not a dialogue, it is the dictate of some kind. And so on almost every issue. We have something ready for dialogue, but a dialogue - a search for compromise. Now I will answer the main thing - you need to do in order to normalize the situation? We must behave as partners and take into account each other's interests. We are ready for this ", - Putin said.


Rick Boucher is a clear example of how to transform perspectives on policy, when a person starts to do business.


"I am happy with the lengthy response. To improve the relationship should be a solid foundation of trust. And he understands its importance. Hopefully we will soon see something of damages, which is applied to our relations in recent years ", - said the former congressman from the Democratic Party of the United States, Rick Boucher, a partner of the law firm.


It is not difficult to guess that this "soon", said the man who knows the political Washington kitchen inside, means after the completion of the presidential race. The Democratic Party, which have nothing to boast of in domestic politics, scare voters external threats and the role of the elected Russian bogey. The closer the election, the more anti-Russian hysteria, reaching to paranoid delusions. Many would like to believe that after the elections this hysteria will decline.


"We usually try not to talk about it, but we are always in all election campaigns, this is not only happening now, it is in the previous election campaign, then to the left, then the right ear whispered:" You do not pay attention to it Now all this will pass, and we'll be friends again. " But it can not be. You can not as a bargaining chip in the political struggle to use Russian and cause damage to bilateral relations. Well, it's just, at least not seriously. Let us not forget that, in global terms, we have a special responsibility as the two largest nuclear powers in the maintenance of international peace and security ", - said Vladimir Putin.


Despite the strong worsening of relations between Russia and the United States at this year's forum was a lot of Americans. Investors probed market. Journalists - the prospects of relations between the two leaders. Given the current slope of campaigning candidates, came to laughter.


"Are you prepared to have to work with President Clinton in the next year? She described you as the person who presses the other countries ", - he asked CNBC television correspondent Geoff Cutmore.


"The American people will make the choice that it sees fit, and in any case we will work with any leader of the United States, no matter who that leader. About the fact that Russia is someone exerting pressure. On the other country. This is who it says about this? Who is speaking? Yes, our partners, the administration only to those involved and that put pressure on all countries, and with allies, "- said Vladimir Putin.


According to the organizers of the forum, the number of guests in many ways reflects the business opportunities related to investing the Russian economy. More than 2,200 participants, including large investors and heads of leading global corporations. The head of VTB Andrey Kostin even admitted that this year's online infrastructure is unlikely to be able to accept more participants. But if it goes to the next forum organizers seem to have to think of something.

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