19:57 02.11.2018 Mark your calendars for the next grand international blockchain conference - ChainPoint 29.10.2018, YEREVAN, ARMENIA: The next remarkable blockchain conference - ChainPoint, will take place on November 14-15 in Yerevan, Armenia, the innovation powerhouse of the region.
17:45 11.10.2018 The largest exhibition and conference on the blockchain in the CIS will be held again in Moscow Ticket sales have been opened for the largest conference on blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO! The Blockchain Conference Moscow will be held on November 20 and will bring together leading domestic and foreign industry experts on one platform.
23:11 16.05.2018 The art of management 2.0: the system of actions and tools for the leader and his team In business, the main word is the result: your success, income and position are determined by the results you achieve." Brian Tracy
10:24 10.04.2018 Synergy Insight Forum 2018 You understand the traffic. Business is not an empty word for you. But in everyday tasks and working at the computer, I want a big event, like New Year or birthday. Therefore, on 23-25 ​​April we invite you to Crocus City Hall for the main business e
15:02 06.04.2018 Russianblockchainweek 2018 May 21-25 in Moscow will host the leading event of the year in the field of blockchain technologies and crypto currency - Russianblockchainweek 2018.
19:18 23.03.2018 Armenia will gather IT specialists from different countries at the first international Armenian Blockchain Forum On April 22, Yerevan will host the first international Armenian Blockchain Forum, which will bring together the Blockchain specialists from around the world under the slogan "Digital Spring for economic development
10:12 19.03.2018 International Blockchain Forum #DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT On March 27-28, Moscow will become the center of attraction for Russian and foreign professionals engaged in the crypto industry: an International Blockchain Forum # DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT and a large-scale "Cryptoexhibition" will take place at the
08:08 13.02.2018 About the business forum InternetMost-2018. 16-18 February 2018. Mriya Resort & Spa 5 * From 16 to 18 February 2018 in Crimea will be the largest educational business forum of Russia on Internet marketing and digital technologies InternetMost-2018.
09:31 19.10.2016 (upd. 08:36 21.10.2016 ) Prior Finland Ambassador in Moscow: "All we have good reason for troubling"

Prior Findland Ambassador in Moscow Hannu Himanen (Hannu Himanen) believes that Putin will stay as president of Russia for a long time.




Dolgov said that Kiev has not notified Moscow about the number of Russians who are in Ukrainian prisons

Hannu Himanen (Hannu Himanen), whose Finland Ambassador turnaround time in Moscow was ended in late August, said that the recent violations of Finland air space are not an accidently. Two Russian Su-27 fighters aircraft violated the air border of Finland in Porvoo district area on October 6 between 16:27 and 21:33 p.m. Aircrafts were in the airspace of Finland about a minute.  «Air space violations can not be explained as the desire to specify Finland and neighboring countries recall what Russia really wants, and what - no. The fact that these violations are taking place, is not an accidents, it is an attempt to influence ", - said Himanen. Russia makes it clear openly that it does not like NATO expansion near its borders. According to Russian experts, Finland and Sweden may decide about the joining them for a military unit or not, but if it happens, Russia will have the right to act.


Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that in this case, Russia will take military-technical measures. What does this mean and how this should be treated, we, the Finns, is anyone's guess.

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